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Talent Strategy

We "Baosheng" group with our unique corporate culture, providesgood growth environment and career development for talents. We are keeping constantlyexploration and innovation on talent recruitment, selection, cultivation,incentives, restriction, appraisals and other aspects to build talent Heights,and gradually establish a scientific human resource management system. Underthe guidance of “ability more than diploma” “adequacy more than title” “performancemore than experience” “contribution more than credentials” we vigorouslyimplement the employment mechanism of "openness, equality, competition andexcellence", we believe the people who is qualified is talent, who is pioneeringand innovative is excellent talent, human resource is the first resource.Whatever you are Doctor, Master, senior management personnel, or the ordinaryworkers, administrators, salesmen, general scientific research workers, who arefighting in the front-line of manufacturing, sales, scientific research and service,hewing out Baosheng career with their industrious hands and their intelligence,are also indispensable talents of Baosheng. We have already formed a goodatmosphere of respect people and devotion to Job, fair competition, respectknowledge and human resource, each capable and enterprising employee candisplay his talents and realize his ambition here.

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